Off the beaten track in Cornwall

hiking around Lands End, Cornwall

Ok, it looks silly with this writing in Swedish without dots ovar a and o, and gets confusing in some cases. So Im just gonna stick to English now, I need to practise before the course anydway.

Thursday was a very active and intense day. But first of all I have to say a word about my hosts, Helen and Dave. They live in a small village called Paul (maybe thats why I feel so at home there, cause its only missing a a). I was very nicely welcomed with vegtable bruchetta and goats cheese, and then we chatted and they helped me planing the rest of my Cornwall trip, in to every detail with which bus I should take and all that. In the end my head was spinning with all the different options, and I fell soundly asleep in their sons room.

In the morning I set of early and jumped on the double decked tourist bus that goes around to all the pretty sights in this part of Cornwall. It was almost scary sometimes, when the narrow roads turned sharply, and there was a car or sometimes a tractor at the other side of the road and not much space in between. But the drives seemed to be used to it.
I got of at a community farm that I had found, and that had volunteers every Thursday. From ten until 3 I then worked hard with picking beans, collecting eggs from the hens and harvesting potatoes. By then I felt pretty nacked. But it was a good tired, and I had a great time talking food politics with people from woofers from Portugal and Germany, and the nice couple who ran the farm.


After that I was keen on getting down to the beach finally. At the farm they said it wasn’t very long, and pointed out directions. I didn’t listen very carefully, I could see it laid out in front of me, couldn’t be so hard to find it. I just started walking, following the Public footpath signs, trough green fields. I met a man who pointed out the directions to the beach where I wanted to go for me in details, but I mostly registered stay to the left and you will pass through a field of bulls (who he promised wouldn’t bother me). As I continued walking bushes with the biggest blackberries I’ve ever seen, perfectly ripe was hanging from the bushes covering all the fences. I happily skipped from bush to bush, picking berries to take home and make a pie with, not taking much notice of where I went.
Suddenly I was in a field that there was no way out of, and the one before that didn’t seem to have more than one entrance/exit either. I just had to go back a couple of fields, it felt like a computor game with labyrinth where you have to start over if you make the wrong decision. Lukily I didnt see crazy bulls or other dangerous animals. I got back on track eventually, but then got lost again, and after a hour or so my legs started to ache and I didnt feel like going back any more. So I started climbing over fences and even went through a field with some sort of fields, desperatly trying to find the public foothpath again. There was some houses here and there, all looking like the fance homes that they sell in the teveprogram Homes in the country side or what ever its called, but I didnt see a soul. I could imagine the team recording and the host seeing me through the window, saying ” and there we have a happy hiker enjoying the scenery.” And I would be like ”Help, how do I get out of here?”. On top of everything I had put the tray with the blackberries in my bag and when jumping from some fence they spilled out and stained my bag and sweater. I managed to save most of them though.
Sennen beach in the distance

Finally I got out at the right track, on the most stunning coastal path, with two golden beaches laid out in front of me, like a mirrage. I don’t think I looked like the average hik when I came stumbling with my shoes in one hand because they squashed my toes, and a tray with some soggy blackberries in the both, with blackberry stains on my han and bag. Some of the Savage looking Hicks did lok a bit funny at me. But I didn’t care, I just had to get to that beach. The was a bit of ally rough walking over some stones, where I managed to spill half of the blackberries. Getting to sit down at the Bach, looking out over people body boarding and playing in the water was one of my best rests ever. And I don’t think fries with mayonnaise ever tasted so good. Mostly because it wasn’t blackberries.

Sennen beach, the reward


2 responses to “Off the beaten track in Cornwall

  1. Vilken optimism och energi du har Paula. Du har väl snart minnen för en hel resebok. Lycka till på den fortsatta resan.


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